Go to  #snapchat  and follow this dude. He's funny as hell and you'll get some valuable career and recruiting advice too! snapchat: paulmd26

Go to #snapchat and follow this dude. He's funny as hell and you'll get some valuable career and recruiting advice too! snapchat: paulmd26

A few days ago this popped up on my Facebook Memories. Ever since this function appeared on Facebook I liked using it to gauge my progression. My wife, Kathie, posted this a year ago because I wanted to start using social media to give career tips. I spent most of my focus running my staffing company, Identified Talent Solutions, and I wanted to give career tips as a hobby. I was very proud of my company. I started it during the hardest time of my life - the death of my wife, Desiree. I was in corporate recruiting for over a decade but I've never done agency staffing. I found out quickly that, with the exception of the actual recruiting function, the two are nothing alike. So not only did I have to learn to run a business, I had to learn a new industry.

Identified has grown 1100% in three years making it a contender for an award as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. We'll find out mid-July so cross your fingers for us. Since the recent success of the company people have been asking me what makes us different and helps us stand out in a highly competitive industry. I didn't know much about the industry so I didn't know how competitive it was. Being ignorant of that was probably a good thing because I might have been swayed in another direction. When I started Identified I tried everything and used every solution that popped in my head. I talked to everyone I could provide a service to and I sought advice from as many people who were willing to give it to me. I never once focused on how competitive the industry was, rather, I focused on how I could be of better service to these people's lives. After some time, I found making an impact on others became so much more rewarding than just closing a deal. The beauty of progression is it challenges you and sets you up for failures and mistakes. The reward is that you grow and you discover this awesome version of yourself that you never knew existed.  

"A goal is just a dream without action"

Goals are one thing, progression is another. You can't aimlessly float with the current and expect to get to your destination. If you do, expect yourself to land where ever it takes you. You need to constantly monitor your progress to see if you're improving and how far you've come.

Here's the 5 things that help me keep progressing:

1)     Having a solution oriented mindset - You will always have problems or challenges but there's always solutions for them. 

2)    The ability to influence - You will need others and there's no greater way to make friends and build influence than to start off by caring for the person. As the saying goes, "People don't care how much you know, unless they know how much you care." 

3)    Learning comes mostly from mistakes and not success - As adults we've learned we get in trouble from making mistakes. We need to retrain our mind to embrace them because no success will come without mistakes. If babies were scared to make mistakes then we'd all be crawling instead of walking.    

4)    Stay ignorant to what's not possible - I look at it this way, if you're going to criticize me, put me down or tell me it's not possible, then I'll prove it and you can read about it in the news. By the way, have you read the Inc. Magazine article about me? (Mic drop... Single finger peace sign, haters) People don't believe things are possible until they're possible. So, just go make possible happen.   

5)    Avoid negativity at all cost - Let's face it, no one wants to be stuck next to the party pooper. It's like having a leech suck on your soul. Imagine going to a night club and everyone is pissed off and complaining. Guess how much fun you're going to have there. Negativity is the killer of EVERYTHING.

Facebook Memories help me reflect on the past but it also helps me look towards the future. Ten years ago my life was drastically different. I've always had a problem with follow through and commitment. Since then, I've progressed to where my follow through and commitment have become some of my strongest traits. Until a few years ago I didn't realize I also had a problem with patience. My late wife, Desiree, would spend the majority of time with our daughter, Chloe, while I was working. I was more of a playmate to her than anything else. It wasn't until Desiree died and I became a single dad that I knew there was a problem. Chloe was 4 years old and I treated her like an adult. I would become incredibly impatient and frustrated with her to the point she started to become closed off and introverted. It wasn't until my now wife, Kathie, confronted me and said, she's just a little girl and you can't treat her that way. I had to change drastically and find a way to improve my patience. I found what helped was writing my thoughts down and reflecting on them instead of immediately reacting. I became more and more patient as I continued to write because I had to fully conceptualize my thoughts. I needed to concentrate and settle my mind to remain focused. It was such a painful process of discipline but it became incredibly rewarding as I continued to progress.  

During this year long process of giving career tips through social media, my Instagram account has grown to almost 9000 followers. I originally started with Snapchat but I found Instagram to be more my medium. And what began as career tips has evolved to life quotes. Now I'm starting to blog and make my writings public. I was interviewed recently and asked what truly makes me excited and happy. The only response that I can give with utmost conviction was, I really enjoy seeing people succeed. Then she said, no one can be that unconditional so what really makes you excited and happy? I said, I'm not being unconditional. In fact, I'm being incredibly selfish. I like seeing people succeed because those are the people I want around me. It's what raises the vibration of my external environment. I don't want people around me that are constantly negative and complaining. Those kind of people don't help anything but themselves.  

So here I am a year later in a full blown process of reinvention. Through progression I've uncovered this love for writing and seeing others succeed. Do I know how to exactly combine those two? No, but I didn't know how to start a staffing company either and look where that's at. 

Keep moving you guys! Progress is the mother of greatness.

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